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Weightloss & Slimming

Gusto mo pang pumayat or mag.trim down? Hassle ang bilbil and fats. Why not use these products below for a slim and sexy you? 🙂
We have skinny coffee, munafie, and lipo premium juice drink. If you are a coffee lower, then okay po ang skinny coffee, and masarap din po ito. Lipo premium tastes like ‘LECHON’! hehe… joke lang po.. 🙂 Lipo Premium has a gummy/candy taste po.
You can pair:
“skinny coffee + Munafie” or
“Lipo Premium + Munafie” or
use it all “Skinny Coffee & Lipo Premium + Munafie”!


While some people have dark skin from the time they are born, there are others who have it because of hyper pigmentation and various other reasons. Dark skin has higher quantity of skin pigment melanin, as compared to a fair skin. The increased quantity of melanin also makes the skin look blemished and patchy. The most common symptoms of dark skin are that the skin color turns to brownish to blackish. The effect magnifies if it is also accompanied with blemishes or dark patches on the skin. Dark skins can be cured naturally using some easy measures. Know more how to treat dark skin naturally.
Try our Skin Whitening Products Now and Be a New You!

Skin Care

From wrinkles, acne and other skin problem, we have a powerful solution for your skincare concerns.

Buah Merah  Antioxidant Juice Drinks

Powerful Antioxidant Juice Drink. Healthy na sobrang masarap na very refreshing pa!!!!

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