NLighten Underarm Cream Review
NLighten Underarm Cream

NLighten Underarm Cream


Are you worried about your dark underarms? For a brighter, softer and whiter underarms, use NLighten Underarm Cream as your one-stop solution!

Take Advantage of these benefits:

  • A gentle underarm cream which has instant brightening effect
  • achieves a soft and bright underarms
  • reduces the dark spots
  • inhibits odor causing bacteria and germs
  • keeps underarms fresh
  • good for all skin type

You can read more info below – alternatives, natural ingredients, how to use best results, before and after pics.

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Product Description

How many times have you thought twice before lifting your own arms in public, jeepney or bus? Dark Underarms is one of the most commonly experienced problems today. These tend to appear dark than other parts of the skin, making you uncomfortable to wear sleeveless dresses at a party.

With NLighten Underarm Cream, you can flaunt those sleeveless tops and get your confidence back, thanks to clean, good-smelling and shining underarms.

Being seen with dark underarms is probably one of the most embarrassing problems to have. Underarms are also more prone to sweating than other parts.

 Alternatives – Top home remedies for whitening underarms

Here are some suggested home remedies. You can proceed to the next section to know more about NLighten.

  1. Lemon – When it comes to whitening or bleaching, lemon is a very powerful agent. You can scrub a used lemon (skin portion) on your underarms for five minutes every day before your bath for best results. You can also make a paste from honey, curd and lemon juice and apply this on your underarms for about ten minutes every day before washing off while bathing. When you do these regularly, you will see remarkable results within one month.
  2. Turmeric – This is yet another useful ingredient, which is used extensively in many natural beauty remedies. Mix a pinch of turmeric to lemon juice and apply on your underarms for whitening these areas naturally. You can use turmeric water as a standalone solution as well for the same results.
  3. Cucumber – Cucumber juice, cucumber slices or a combination of cucumber juice & lemon juice are effective solutions for cleaning and whitening underarms naturally. When you use cucumbers, you skin doesn’t get as dry as it does, when you use lemons. Due to the dryness that it creates, lemon scrub should always be followed by a moisturiser immediately after bath.
  4. Baking Soda – This is a good bleaching agent. You can mix white baking soda with water and apply the paste on your underarms for about ten minutes before bathing, every day. You will be surprised to see quick and effective results through this method.

The above are just some of the most commonly used methods for whitening underarms, right from the comfort of one’s home. However, in the fast paced world today, not everyone has time to prepare these solutions or pastes in the peak morning hours. This is where the Nligthen Underarm Cream comes as a huge blessing. This cream not only whitens underarms, but also prevents bad body odour emanating from these areas through a natural fragrance. Let us now look at some of the qualities and features of this cream.

Natural ingredients of NLighten Underarm Cream

Underarms are sensitive areas. Therefore this cream doesn’t come with any harmful side effects. All the 12 ingredients that are found in this cream are made from natural extracts of plants. Some of the plant extracts that are available in this cream are :

  • star lily
  • shea butter
  • pomegranate
  • mulberry
  • fig
  • ginkgo
  • black rice
  • blueberry
  • green tea
  • houttuynia cordata

No toxic or chemical substances are used while preparing this cream. Therefore, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin as well.

Why use Nlighten Underarm Cream?

It is perfectly alright to feel apprehensive about ready-made creams that are available in the market. However the underarm cream from Nlighten is not the run-of-the-mill kind of a cream. These are the following reasons as to why you should start using this cream with immediate effect:

  1. Prevents over perspiration, thanks to its anti-perspiration properties
  2. Keeps underarms fresh always, as the cream has a very subtle and pleasant fragrance
  3. Results are seen immediately upon application
  4. Helps in maintaining smooth underarms as it has moisturising properties. All traces of dark spots and uneven pigmentation problems go away almost instantly after application of this cream
  5. Smoothens cracked skins quickly
  6. Prevents problems like itching, redness, rashes and other problems due to over-exposure to heat
  7. It is a powerful antioxidant as well; therefore helps in quick and effective regeneration of dead cells
  8. Prevents premature ageing of skin and helps in giving skin a youthful/smooth texture for a long time

Before and After Pictures

NLighten Underarm Cream Results nlighten underarm cream Testimonial nlighten underarm cream before and after testimonial nlighten underarm cream slight lightening before and after


As in the case of all other beauty creams and moisturisers, Nlighten Underarm Cream too comes with certain precautions. They are as follows:

  1. Should be used externally only
  2. Should be kept out of reach for kids
  3. Should be stored in a cool & dry place
  4. Should be applied carefully so that it doesn’t enter the eyes
  5. Should be stopped immediately when one notices any adverse reaction in the underarm skin

How to use for best results

Nlighten Underarm Cream provides excellent results when used just after bath. This is because the skin would be damp during this time and it becomes easier to apply for the cream. Cream stays longer on the body when applied while the body is still damp. After application, wait at least for half a minute before you proceed to put on your clothes etc. You can see results within a month of application. Dark spots, discoloured & foul-smelling underarms are a thing of the past, thanks to this effective cream.

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