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Want to have a brighter, glowing, smoother skin? Want to get rid of your acne, pimple marks, melasma, and other skin conditions?

Dr. Alvin’s Rejuvenating set can help you out.

After years of thorough studies and research, this set contains anti-aging, anti-acne, and whitening properties.

This consist of the following:

  • Kojic Soap that cleanses and micro peels the dead skin cells
  • Rejuvenating toner which removes deep seated dirt.
  • Sunblock cream or gel – This contains SPF15++ which protects the skin from the harmful UV rays which causes dark spots, wrinkles and sunburn.
  • Rejuvenating Cream – also known as Kligman’s Formulation that moisturizes the skin. It also contains whitening and anti-wrinkle ingredients.

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Product Description

How To Use

Application routine is just simple and repetitive, but there are days that you may feel tired of doing everything together. Don’t be so impulsive, since patience is a virtue! 🙂 Tiis-ganda, right?u

But before using the set, here are some important info:

  1. not to be used by lactating or pregnant mothers
  2. Avoid contact with your eyes. If it occurs, flush with water.
  3. Skin test is also important to see if you have allergic reactions to the product. To do this, add a small amount on your wrist. Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes. If redness appears of you feel irritation, then we recommend not using this product. Each of us has a different body chemistry, and the effect really differs from each individual. If in doubt, check with your doctor.


So in the morning, use the soap, rejuvenating toner, and sunblock gel/cream.

In the evening, use the soap, rejuvenating toner, and rejuvenating cream.


Demo + Review of PSCF Rejuvenating set



A Video Review – Detailing her experience after a month


A Good Review and Walkthrough by Shelly Galicia of Dr Alvin Rejuvenating set

Her writeup at http://shellygalicia01.blogspot.com/2016/01/dr-alvin-professional-skin-care.html

Summary / Main Points of the video:

  • Effects do differ from each individual
    The reju set helped her a lot to cure her skin problems
  • Before, she had a normal or oily skin – normal during the cold season/weather, and oily during the summer days.
    During her breakouts, her skin type is oily to super oily. Her breakouts started appearing when she started growing her hair – probably contributed to irritation, and also because of her hormonal imbalance.
  • She has before and after images at 2:05 of the video which shows a lot of acne on her face, with dark spots, pimple marks and oily skin.
  • She used a lot of skin care, and also sought help from dermatologists. She also tried The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, but it didn’t work for her.

About the product

  • Sunblock and bleaching cream has thick formulation.
    For the Bleaching cream, it has a greenish appearance. This is used at night only, and also has a smell which is tolerable. Use it on the problem area, and slightly spread on the rest of your face.
  • Sunblock doesn’t have any smell. It has 15 SPF+++. You can apply foundation.
  • Rejuvenating toner – This has a tingly sensation on the face, so it is quite prickly on the face.



  • The video shows her method of application, and what to use during morning vs night(as can been seen in the image above).
  • At the 6:05 of the video, on her first day of use, she can feel the effect on the product. She felt like her face was stretched, but she didn’t feel any irritation.
  • At 7:00, On her 2nd day, there were changes in her face. It started reddening and felt itchiness.
  • On her 3rd day, the peeling effect started; redness was really there. When she applied the toner, she experienced the prickly feeling.
  • On her 4th day, still same effect on her 3rd day. As long as there is dead skin, it will continue to exfoliate.
  • At 9:40+, You also need to wash off the kojic soap fast because if you stay it for a longer time, you will feel more prickly feeling.
  • At 10:00+, she noticed that when she is at Baguio, her skin peels and her skin is dry. But when she is at Manila, no peeling effect. So climate may also be a factor on the peeling effect.
  • Rejuvenating set has a drying effect on the skin. She suggests that when using the rejuvenating set, if you can, stay at home. If you are working, then buy a good moisturizer since there will be visible peeling effect.
  • At the end of the video, she went from super oily skin to normal to oily skin.


After 30 days, I was really amazed at the results as my scars were completely gone. My skin got tighter and I looked younger than ever before. However, somebody warned me that the product should be used continuously because I might get my annoying zits back. So up to this day, what I am doing is maintaining my skin with the soap, the toner and the sunblock.

– from http://www.actslifestyle.com/professional-skin-care-by-dr-alvin-an-honest-to-goodness-review-of-their-rejuvenating-set/


Review from Judy Ann Magday :



– For the soap, if you have sensitive skin, wash out the soap fast like about 30 seconds or less since staying it for a minute or longer will leave a burning sensation.
– For the rejuvenating cream, recommended to apply all over the face and also on the neck to even out the color.
– Good results, her skin cleared up


Review by Sweetie Shyiee:

You can use a different sunblock gel or cream with higher SPF to protect you from the sun. The bleaching cream whitens the skin but you need to have less exposure to sunlight as it may cause irritation due to the heat

– http://www.shyieesolove.com/2014/09/review-professional-skin-care-formula.html

– product had a really good effect on her after a month of use


Review by Akie Tabz:



  • The mix of the rejuvenating toner, soap, and sunblock caused burning sensation and redness on the skin.
  • Skin will feel a bit heated
  • Sweating
  • Face appeared lighter than compared to the rest of the body


Review by Lai from SheSaidBeauty:



  • This is her second time to use.
  • Peeling started on her fifth day
  • There was a second peeling on the 12th day.
  • The painful and skin peeling days from 1st to 2nd week were worth it.
  • Her skin felt amazing and she achieved a radiant and smoother skin in just a short period of time


Review from JennyTalks:



– On day 4, experienced itchy chin and face feeling hot
– On day 5, experienced micro peeling
– On day 8, itchiness on neck area
– On day 22, skin was clearer
on Day 30, all her blackheads removed and acne marks on her skin were less visible. Now has a glowing, smoother, and clearer face.


I like how the Rejuvenating set by Dr. Alvin made my skin free from too much acne. I also have less blackheads since I started using it. I believe with another set my face can even be better. I hope it will also minimize my pores more. Only another set can tell!

–  from http://www.sparkliecandy.com/2015/07/review-rejuvenating-set-by-dr-alvin.html


Before and After Pictures

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Important Notes:

– You must have the new packaging
– Sometimes the original also is mixed with the fake

How to Spot a Fake PSCF Dr Alvin Rejuvenating Set

The Authentic Rejuvenating Toner
– It has front label, back label with instructions and ingredients
silver cap and protective seal

For the fake rejuvenating toner:
– no back label
– no protective seal

The Authentic Sunblock gel and rejuvenating cream
– It is in crystal jar
– it has pscf protective seal
– it has front and back label

For the fake sunblock gel and rejuvenating cream:
– no back label and no protective seal

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