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What exactly is Skin toner?

Skin toner basically refers to a wash or lotion purely designed for the purpose of cleansing the skin and hide the appearance of skin pores especially on the face. Cleanses face with all kinds of surface dirt collected during the day and keeps the moisture of the upper layer of the skin. Helps stimulate the skin after cleansing and help maintain a protective acidic coating on the skin, which help to maintain the strength and cohesiveness of the skin.


  • Vitamin c
  • Fragrance
  • Sodium metabisulfate
  • Ethyl


  • Tightens skin pores: Beauch skin toner helps in opening and closing of pores thus diminishing their appearance.
  • Provides a deeper cleanse: it washes away soap residue, dead surface skin cells, makeup residue, skin oil and dirt.
  • PH balancer: Beauch skin toner actually balances the pH levels of your skin. Ph imbalance within the skin may be caused by some medications.
  • Controls skin oil: It also helps to control the skin oil especially on individuals with oily skins
  • A mild toner is kind to skin with virtually no alcohol.


Always do a quick skin test when using new products
In some extreme cases products may cause allergic reactions to acutely sensitive skin types. To be absolutely sure, you may want to test for product sensitivity. Simply apply a small amount of this product on your wrist and leave 5-10 minutes. Do not use product if irritation or redness develop.

For external use only.

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