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GLUTAREDOX Glutathione Tablets

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1 box contains 30 Sublingual Lozenges

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Glutaredox is a sublingually administered reduced glutathione. It has a 98-100% absorption rate due to its advanced formulation. Due to this, it works just like a glutathione injection and is able to heighten the body’s glutathione count within just 30 minutes!

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Philippines’ FDA-Approved!


  • Glutathione – 250mg
  • Vitamin C – 40mg
  • L-Cystine – 50mg
  • Selenium – 55mcg


• Easy to use
• Potent
• Maximum oral absorption of glutathione
• High bioavailability of reduced glutathione
• 100% safe
• With Scientifically-based studies of the formulation
• High technology for maximum bioavailability
• Flavorful
• Powerful antioxidant
• Major detoxifying agent
• Cell cycle regulator
• Immune system modulator
• Anti-aging
• Maximizing body performance


1 tablet a day or you can also take 2 tablets a day.

What is the difference between sublingual and oral?

Sublingual administration basically allows the body to absorb the reduced glutathione at a faster rate. It has no barriers to absorption and is 100% efficient. On the other hand, oral administrations have lower absorption rates and efficiency since it passes through the digestive and excretory systems, which act as barriers.

How does Glutaredox work like a glutathione injection?

The Oro-FS Release technology and the sublingual delivery basically allows the body to absorb 98-100% of the reduced glutathione. This ensures maximum bioavailability of reduced glutathione in all areas.

Why does Glutaredox have a lower glutathione content compared to others?

Don’t let the lower glutathione content fool you. It may be true that some other products have higher glutathione content but that does not really translate into efficient absorption. Glutaredox, due to its Oro-FS Release technology and the sublingual delivery, has a 98-100% absorption rate thus giving more favorable results.


How to Take it?

Step 1: Open your order with excitement

Order through padeoo.com, which is a trusted online website from the Philippines.

It was manufactured by a reputable Italian company and I love that this product is FDA approved (FR Number: FR4000002246639) and it boosts of a 90%+ to 100% absorption rate.

Step 2: Make sure each packet is undamaged.

The packaging is simple and super handy. It isn’t bulky and you can carry it anywhere.

Step 3: Take one tablet daily or as advised. This is a sublingual product, so you have to put it under your tongue. You can also place it at the sides of your inner cheeks. You can also alternate on where you put it.

It is also recommended to not brush your teeth, or to not also drink water after you’ve taken it. Do wait for it to be absorbed by your body.

Step4: Now, see the effects 🙂 

Some users have felt immediate results, while others do take time. But the gluta content is highly absorbed by your body. You’ll notice an instant glow and you’ll feel little more blooming and feel lighter.

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