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Premium Whitening Combo Choice B

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1 bottle Ishigaki Classic White 30 caps

1 pc. Gluta Soap 90 grams

1 pc. Skin Lightening Lotion 120ml

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Ishigaki Classic White 60 Caspsules:  This Amino Acid Proprietary Blend formula has a combination of L-GLUTATHIONE TRI-PEPTIDE FORM such as (l-cysteine HCL, l-glutamic acid, glycine) plus L-GLUTATHIONE BOOSTER (nac, l-methionine,l-cystine), and VITAMIN C that raises glutathione levels, an antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals that is harmful to our skin and immune system. The purpose of this blend is to make all amino acids readily available so the body can make Glutathione as needed. The combined efficacy of both glutathione and vitamin C gives you brighter and healthier glowing skin.

Beauche Gluta Soap 90 grams: 

  • Super Whitening Soap
  • It cleanses skin
  • For face and Body
  • Detoxicating the skin while also giving protection against any harmful chemicals and pollution in the environment.

Beauche Skin Lightening Lotion: 

  • Enriched with Glutathione plus Vitamin C
  • Body Lightening
  • SPF 30
  • Prevents Skin Darkening
  • Protection against harfmul effects of the sun



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