Dennis here of, and below are info about the resellers package for sakura. 🙂 If you want to know more about sakura skinny coffee, then you can go here:

Sakura Skinny Coffee is easy to sell, and really, it is very popular right now. 🙂 Just check out this google trend showing how many Pinoys are searching for skinny coffee…u

Skinny Coffee trend

Masarap cya, healthy pa! There is also Chubby Choco for weight gain and energy. Now Sakura gives us the opportunity to earn as well by promoting Skinny Coffee and Chubby Choco. This is not a networking scheme, but a direct selling opportunity.

Basically, you buy the skinny coffee or chubby choco boxes in wholesale/bulk price, then you resell it at its suggested retail price.

Plus you can also earn incentives, endorsement bonus and rebates.

Price of 1 box is P130 pesos. 1 box has 5 sachets po ma’am.
Then for resellers, there is a membership or resellers registration po maam of P150 pesos which also includes 1 skinny coffee box. Youll also have a resellers id number po.
Then you can now get skinny coffee or chubby choco for 85 pesos per box!

Budget Reseller Pack

10+1 boxes worth P1430 SRP Price
  • Basic Inclusions:
  • Resellers ID & Registration(with 1 free skinny Coffee) @ P150
  • 10 boxes skinny coffee @ 85 pesos/box
  • 1 ecobag
  • Padeoo additional freebies:
  • 1 tarpaulin worth 100 Pesos free!
  • 15 flyers worth 45 Pesos free!
  • * P100 Shipping Fee within Philippines

Here are screenshots of our inclusions:

Resellers Registration with ID

Skinny Coffee Sakura Resellers Package

1 Ecobag

Sakura Skinny Coffee Ecobag

1 ft by 2 ft Tarpaulin(Choose between Skinny Coffee or Chubby Choco)

Skinny Coffee Tarpaulin

Chubby Choco Tarpaulin

Sakura Skinny Coffee & Chubby Choco Brochures

Take Advantage of our Freebies, and be our reseller now! 🙂 Get in touch with us:


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Distributorship and Mobile Stockist Option is also available:

  • City Distributorship  P65/box minimum of 1000 boxes  = P65000
  • Mobile Stockist  P70/box minimum of 500 boxes = P35000